Terme di Levico

Devote time to yourself, discover the therapeutic properties of sulphate – arsenical – ferruginous waters that flow from high altitude thermal springs, because in Valsugana, in addition to the wonderful nature that is the gym, there are countless opportunities to turn your holiday into a real “health bath” and regenerate the body and mind, finding harmony with yourself and the surrounding environment. It is thanks to the mild climate, the healthy air that one breathes, the proximity of the mountains and the presence of the lakes, that everything here becomes easier and every activity more stimulating.

Beginning with the renowned Terme di Levico and Vetriolo, already known and appreciated by the Habsburg nobility and still today particularly effective against stress, fatigue and exhaustion conditions typical of our age. The thermal season in Levico Terme starts in April for conclude in November, while the Vetriolo plant is open from the end of June to the beginning of September.The cures with the Levico thermal water are to be carried out after a medical examination. To undergo thermal treatments, the reservation must be booked and carried out with appropriate advance.