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Hotel Vittoria Levico Terme
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A water drop


on your lips...

A sunbeam


your eyes...

And a smile

lights up

your face

Levico Terme is located on the highest point of the Valsugana valley bottom, at 520 m above sea level, 22 km (14 mi) from Trento and about 110 km (70 mi) from Padova.

It is located on the alluvial fan formed by the debris from Rio Maggiore, a tributary entering lake Levico. In its turn, the lake forms the river Brenta.

The town is bounded on the north by the Lagorai range – including Monte Fronte (1582 m) and Monte Panarotta (2002 m) – and on the south by the plateau system comprising Cima Vezzena (1908 m), even locally known as Pizzo di Levico – with its distinctive Austro-Hungarian fort on the top –, Cima Pegolara (1152 m), Cima Mandriolo (2052 m) and the plateaus Vezzena and Lavarone. To the west the Vigolana range can be seen past the lakes of Levico, while to the east the view extends beyond Borgo Valsugana.

Levico Terme is divided into six hamlets: Chiesa, Furo, Grande, Cortina, Oltrebrenta (which in its turn comprises Barco, S. Giuliana, Quaere and  Selva)